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MyClaynation™ originally began as an idea, a conversation Yanira started with Gary during a road trip on Highway 1 in the autumn of 2018. They were driving from their home in Los Angeles to what they thought would be a relaxing weekend in the Redwoods of Northern California. Neither one of them knew that such a simple conversation would ultimately change the trajectory of their entire lives. After all, it was just a fun idea.


And the idea was so nuts, so unlike them, neither one saw the danger in continuing the conversation. It's not like they would actually do it! They weren't crazy enough to walk away from everything they had spent their lives building.


It was one of those conversations you might have when someone casually says, "I want to go to the moon." And then, you proceed to list all the ways to build a rocket ship in your backyard. It was just idle chit-chat, nothing more. After all, these were intelligent, responsible people. Yanira was always top of her class. In fact, she was offered a full scholarship to Pepperdine University when she was only seventeen. And Gary was rapidly climbing the ranks of corporate America with Mercedes-Benz, and nearly finished with earning his MBA. Few couples were more grounded than Gary and Yanira. 


But then, one day, they literally just walked away! They sold their recently remodeled home in Southern California. At the same time, Gary quit his high-paying corporate job at Mercedes-Benz. They moved their entire family from Los Angeles, California to a small town in Western Pennsylvania; that was not a popular decision with the rest of the family! Teenagers don't always like it when you move them 2,600 miles away from everything they know. 


Yanira's and Gary's friends tried earnestly to help them see the error in their thinking, but nothing would dissuade them. Could this couple seriously consider launching a handmade business built on the ideals of artisan innovation and community? A brand that brings artists, designers, and DIY crafters together to produce their best work? We think so; we're Yanira and Gary, and this is our story.


It's true that we no longer earn the kind of income we did when Gary was working 14-hour days in corporate America, and entrepreneurship has never been easy. Yet, we wouldn't change a thing! We love our brand, the community we're building, and most importantly, our customers and supporters who make this journey possible.


Since the beginning (It's currently Oct 2022), we've had the privilege to serve over 1,100 customers--many of whom have become heartfelt friends. And yet, our story is far from over; we're still painting that picture we first envisioned during an unassuming road trip back in the autumn of 2018, but we're not alone.

As a small family business, word-of-mouth and referrals keep us going. So, if you've ever bought a clay from us, prayed for us, or shared our brand with friends via social media, then it's you we have to thank. The original idea might have been ours, but you make MyClaynation™ possible. 

With Sincere Love & Gratitude,

- Yanira & Gary Smith ❤️

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